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Commission for a local.

Scenes of this cale start at about $180 uwu

No, I don't want a critique. 
Relevant? Yes? No? Maybe?

The next entry doens't have a cover image yet so i have to figure out what scene from it I want to paint. it's a bit longer then the lasts
I Hate The Rain
Jesse's nose twitched as he neared the exit of the Mayor's expansive home.
   "oh, great. Rain." He snorted in disgust. As a fire-type, rain was his least favorite kind of weather. He reluctantly shoved the front door open, a gust of wind and water rushing into his face, causing him to fall back in a flinch.
He snorted, thrusting into the storm full throttle. The sun was setting, but it was almost unnoticeable as the sky was covered in a blanket of dark gray clouds that stirred violently as they rolled along the horizon. The occasional flash of lighting and the following crash of thunder was just icing on the soggy, disgusting cake for Jesse. The large canid angrily trotted down the muddy cliff side, slightly flinching every time a rain drop pelted his face.
Usually Kremo would be bustling with life at this hour, but heavy wind and rain marked "disaster" for a town built on various cliff sides. The risk of being blown or washed off of an edge was too great. The usual liveliness of the town was replaced with an empty feeling, enhanced by the occasional 'mon scrambling to find sturdy shelter.
Jesse wasn't phased, however. He was a Ranger. This weather was a cakewalk compared to the challenges he had endured. Much to his dismay, his final leap landed him in a puddle. Cascades of dirty water plastered his already soaked pelt, a inward whine erupting form his chest. Great.
The screech from another 'mon caught his attention. Beside him was none other than Jean, the saber-toothed persain, and one of his team-mates. The cat's cream-colored fur was matted and caked with fresh mud from the splash. His deep blue eyes were narr owed down to slits as he glared at the large canine, his shoulder hunched up in disgust.
"Jesse..." He hissed.
"Oh uh, howdy Jean! I was just head'n to the Tympole Tavern t' look for ya!"
"Is that so?" The feline cocked an eyebrow, his frown unwavering.
"Mayor Timber wants our team t' take a trip t' Yiaponsk to talk to the legionaries about Help'n."
"What?" Jean hissed. "The legionaries?"
"That's what I said!" Jesse's eyes widened as he took on the same demeanor as his companion.  "But ah... The chroniclers could get some use out of it I guess."
"How so?"
"I dunno. Just have a gut feeling. So, where's Vincet?"
Jean's shoulders hunched in a shrug. "No telling where that elusive Weavile is."
"That elusive Weavile is right here." Vincet stepped out of the shelter of  rocky outcropping that shielded some of their cliff from the rain.
"Mayor Timber wants us to-"
"I heard everything." The Weavile snarled. "We leave in the morning. I'll leave Nathan in charge."
"Oh...kay..." Jesse shrank back.
An uncomfortable silence swept over the three. Rain pelted their faces ass the all held an odd gaze between one another.
The sound of thunder snapped the three of them out of their sudden trance.
"Well, I'm gonna hit the Tavern to wash up and have a drink." Jesse finally spoke up.
"I'll go check out inventory for the trip." Jean peeped.
"Boys." Vincet's sharp eyes were focused on the waves that crashed along the drenched beach. The two other 'mons leaned in to hear was Vincet had to say.
"A storm is brewing."
"Ah-No shit, sherlock!" Jesse huffed.
"No... Not that kind of storm, dumbass." Vincet shot back. "Something big is coming. I can sense it in the waves."
Jesse's eyes narrowed as he focused on the spanning sea. At first, there was a small log riding the waves towards the shore. But as he looked closer, he realized it wasn't  a log, but a pokemon. His heart sank. Should he go help? Should he ignore it? He looked back to Vincet only to see that he and Jean had vanished. Figures. His chest heaved a sigh.  
Electing to ignore the body, he made his way alongside the cliff until he found himself at the Tympol Tavern. Classy, feel-good music escaped through the doorways and windows of the tavern, followed by the soft murmuring of pokemon and the occasional clings of glass. Rasing a paw to open the door, he hesitated. Glancing over his shoulder, Jesse could see the body getting closer to the shore.
"Why do I feel like this 'storm' Vincet's goin on about involves that 'mon?"


The continuation- hella lit
Let Me In
"Sir...?" A rather large, black nose pushed itself through the doorway, a soft creek sounding from the old, wooden frame.
   "Leave me." The older 'mon's dark silhouette stood out against the the moonlit backdrop of a wall. The air was grim, the mayor's misery weighing the new comer down. The feeling of hopelessness clouded the poor Bibarels's eyes.
"Sir, ah, uh... Vincent sent me check up on ya." The newcomer spoke again, pushing the door open even wider, giving the moon that shone through a nearby window the chance to shine down on the diembodied voice. The light painted a silver image of an Arcanine with thick, bushy eyebrows, and deep, somber eyes.
"There is nothing you can do. I just want my son back." The large beaver sighed. Narrowing his eyes in a squint, the Arcanine could make out the Mayor's small black paws. One paw held a flat object while the other ran along the edges of it. It wasn't hard for him distinguish that the object in the mayor's hands was probably a painting of his son. His chest heaved a sigh, the large canine dropping his rear to the floor as he took a seat.
"We're doing everything we can t' find him... We just, aint found no leads." His ears laid flat against the back of his head, biting his lip at the thought of another lashing from the Mayor. He tended to raise his voice at any signs of failure when it came to the search for his recently disappeared son.
Children from all over Kremo had been disappearing, and the case to look for them had always been a residual task; looming in the background, making itself prominent whenever another child was taken, only to slink back into the shadows when the excitement died down. The key word was "had." The loss of the Mayor's son caused the town to rupture in the speak of the missing children yet again, and the mayor's distress calling out to the Rangers guild to make solving the case top priorty. Normal jobs were put on hold, and everyone was put on the search that seemed to go nowhere. Not a single 'mon could find a lead, and everyone began to loose hope.
"Meh..." The Bibarel muttered, turning away. The Arcanine sighed.  "Jesse."
The large dog perked up.
"Fetch Vincent and Jean, you three are to travel to Yiaponsk and ask for help from the Legionaries."
"The legionaries?" Jesse's jaw dropped. The legionaries were an elite guild that were expertise at solving complex crimes, interrogation, and stealth missions; however, they were rogues. Never did they do things 'by the book.' The were everything the Rangers didn't stand for.
"With your conjoined forces, not only can we search more land, but they may be able to find a clue. They look at things differently than you, after all."
"They look at things the wrong way, thasall that is." Jesses frowned, pulling his head back like a pup disgusted by a vegetable that was slung in front of his maw.
"I'm not going to bicker about this. This is bigger than your rivalry. Bigger than anything. Now go."
"Alright, alright, I'm goin, I'm goin." The Legendary Pokemon's head swung around, his body following as he turned tail to leave. "See ya around I guess."


Don't laugh at my awful writing skills lmao i made this over a year ago i donn't feel like editing it. 

Thsi was originally part of soem art i had for a PMD ARPG, but currently can't afford to run it, so i'm turning it into a solo story that is progressed in both comics and written passages like this. The old apps for the group will be the charachter refs with their complete bios n such! I'll be uploading all of what i had written in such over time and adding onto the story uwu

I mgiht make it a semi group thing where others can use the apps and the world for promtps in stuff without it being super seriously  

Let me know what you think uwu

If u has pokemon OC post here i might just draw em id unno uwu



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